Bowie Ezio Perego Saldana: Know About Age, Education, Family, Social Media & More


Bowie ezio perego-saldana is a son of American actress zoe saldana and born in 2014. His father name is Marco perego saldana. He also has a twin brother named cy aridio perego saldana and younger brother named Zen perego-saldana.. He has a twin brother named CY. He gained his name after music legend David Bowie while his middle name is a tribute to Marcos’s dad. The actress admits that her sons are smitten with awesome female heroes. Bowie’s mother returned to work seven months after his birth to start filming star trek.

About/ wiki/bio:

He is six years old, will always get the 1st grade of school, and is an American. Bowie ezio perego-saldana is a son of movie star Zoe saldana and her spouse is Marco perego. He also has two sisters who live in the same family. Bowie Ezio perego-saldana mother struggles a lot in his professional life and is also a well-neon actress who yields a lot from her acting.

Physical Appearance:

Physical appearance is good for the kid; it may develop after he grows and becomes a teenager in this universe. He can impress anyone, and everyone can fall in love with him by looking at his excellent outlook. The color of Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana is good, and the hairstyle and other physique will improve in the future and can be a person with a stunning walk to impress others who look at him.


Bowie Ezio perego-saldana mother is an actress named Zoe Saldana in the united state and has been in many films. She has molded for avin, gap, and Calvin Klein. She was a dancer, but she pivoted her profession into drama. Bowie Ezio perego-saldana father is a soccer player, artist, actor, director, and dancer. He also won more awards, achieved a lot in his profession, and directed more films. Bowie Ezio perego-saldana also has two siblings, namely CY Twombly and audio. The youngest kid is referred to as a tiny yogi baby, and in honor of zpoes, the stepfather is hilarious that he was given his second name to her baby.


He is a small boy, and no education is for him; he has to enjoy his time with their family members and learn good moral values. He is a small cute little boy for his parents, and they have to protect and take care of him. In the future, he will study the school and college and work in a good place. Now he is only four and has not yet joined her schooling. When he attains the age to go to school, their parents will take him there and leave there to study more things and play with their friends.

Professional Career:

Bowie Ezio perego-saldana still needs to finish his studies and has no professional career. He gave to become big and well-trained in his education and then choose his career at the right time and age. It makes him work as a good professional in the future and earn more amounts for his parents. The best career can make him take care of his parents in old age and enjoy the best, like living luxuriously.

Relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend:

Bowie Ezio perego-saldana is a small kid who has no relationship with anyone. He also has no boyfriends or girlfriends in his life. When he enters his choosing and college level, he can get some friends and live a happy life. There are also more chances for him to pick the best girl and boy to maintain a relationship with them and enjoy his life. Many people do not have friends, and this can gain more friends and have a good relationship with all her co-students and workers in the future. He will also become a well-known person like his mother and father. 

Married life husband and wife:

This child is still single because he is only four and is a kid for her parents. The marriage life for this kid will happen soon in the future. Bowie Ezio perego-saldana has to grow up with their parents, obey them, learn more good habits, and then study at her school level and college. After that, he has to work and then look for a girl for marriage. After completing all these steps, Bowie ezio perego-saldana can get into his married life. It will be interesting when you gather information in the future about this kid, and you can enjoy reading about him from his childhood days up to his marriage life. 

Awards and achievements, movies, songs:

This child does not have any awards or achieve anything rather than being born to well-known celebrities among the people. Bowie is children who do not work and have any profession to singing songs and becomes more popular because of these couples in America. The father and mother of Bowie ezio perego-saldana have won more farads and achieved a lot in their life. So, to know about the baby’s achievements, you must collect the news about their parents to understand their achievements and the awards they have won. 

Social media:

Bowie ezio perego-saldana is a kid and does not have his own social media account. He also involved being in his mother’s account posts. His mother goes with the username, and she has already accumulated more than 9M followers and often tweets her thoughts through her account. She also whops 1.3M followers on Twitter. His father is quite popular on Social Media. He also makes use of instagram and has 41k followers. He also uses his instagram account to share the moments of his personal and professional life with his loved and dear ones. 

Net worth:

As you know that Bowie ezio perego-saldana is a small kid, and she never goes to work. Their parents have a good Newport with them. This child has no professional career and has yet to decide to go for a job. He is only famous because of his well-known parents and has no net worth. Of his parent’s fortune, he lives a happy, luxurious, and comfortable life. Zoe Saldana estimated a net worth of $35 million, including her income, assets, and properties. Her primary source of income is from her acting career, where she has endured hardships and struggles. She has also participated in global hit projects, star trek, the guardian of the galaxy, end game, and avatar.


As there is a more famous and popular celebrity in this universe, you can understand Bowie ezio perego-saldana, a small kid. He is famous because only of his celebrity mother and father. If you want to know about this small kid, then you can read the content provided for you. You can gain a lot of information about Bowie ezio perego-saldana, a son of only four years of age. 


Does Bowie ezio perego-saldana have siblings?

Yes, Bowie ezio perego-saldana has two siblings, and they are their parent’s kids who love and they live in the same home. The twin kids look good, and Bowie ezio perego-saldana is also a favorite child of his parents.

Can you see Bowie ezio perego-saldana on social media?

Bowie ezio perego-saldana is a small child but has not been seen on Social Media and may use Social Media sites in the future. He is too small and will be in all the posts with his mother on her instagram account.

Do Bowie ezio perego-saldana have well-educated?

He is a kid who does not enter school for his studies, and when he attains the age for going to school, he will go to school.  

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