wpit18 online sabong: Know Its Dashboard, Registration, Advantage & Disadvantage


If talking about the most controversial tradition rooted in Southeast Asian countries, it has to be the concept of sabong games. The long tradition of cockfighting matches is still relevant in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Samoa but nations outside are not in favor of it. Regardless, the tradition has now stepped into the internet and sabong games are nowadays held online along with continuing conventional events. Wpit18 is one of the best platforms catering to sabong games, and this article will clear all of your doubts about it: 

Registering at Wpit18 for Online Sabong 

If you think you can skip the registration part and move ahead to place bets, you will not be able to do so as wpit18 online sabong mandates the registration of each user. To open an account, go to the official website and look for the contact us option. Choose the most convenient way of connecting to a representative who will help you with fresh registration. Send all your details to the representative allotted to you and they’ll create your account. You will then be sent your new username and password. Keep it safe and use the credentials to access the dashboard.  

Wpit18 Dashboard 

Most online Sabong platforms follow the same pattern of dashboard efficiency, which consists of all other features. Through the dashboard only, users can navigate to other portions of the website. Also, to insert credits, withdraw, watch live, place bets, etc; you have to choose the particular options from the dashboard. Now Also Play MBC2030 live and get a chance to earn a reward.

Wpit18 Website Premium Features 

  • Live online Sabong events are hosted regularly
  • Wide range of acceptable payment options
  • Withdrawal time is short. 
  • Rooster details are available. 
  • Chatting option with co-bettors to discuss the game. 

Advantages of Wpit18

  • Short payout time
  • User-friendly interface including easy to understand dashboard. 
  • Accessible from anywhere (using VPN and proxy for countries that have restrictions) 

Disadvantages of Wpit18

  • Most countries do not support the concept.
  • Participating roosters die and get injured.
  • Animal cruelty is witnessed.


Online Sabong is a form of betting; not in any ordinary sports but roosters. You can place your bets with a blind prediction or play smart instead, by analyzing the roosters from the given details of them. Check their past performances and calculate their winning chances accordingly. like wpit18 you can also play wpc2027 online sabong.

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